Well after completing my 8th day on the new job, it took some inspiring words from Julie’s post to motivate me to go to the gym.

The one that I told myself was, “I’ve never regretted a workout”. It’s true! Once I make time for exercise and just DO it, I’m so happy with myself after.

Today I did 30 minutes of weight training and 45 minutes of the stair-master (while watching Princess Diaries).

I’m really glad I’ve gotten back into weight training, because I love being able to see results after my hard work! This week I was able to up my weight amount, and I can definitely see more muscles in my arms and legs. Woop woop!

I’m going to be the new Arrrrrrnold any day now, I mean just look at those bulging muscles! Okay look closer….? maybe?

I kind of look like I’m levitating here right? It’s thanks to all the weight training 😉

By the way, you gotta take advantage of this deal before it’s too late!


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One response to “Mis-Match

  1. First off….thank you so much for the livingsocial coupon! I got it just in time! I’m signed up for NY(mid,down,and up), brooklyn, and north Jersey but sometimes I miss online deals like that. They need to put an online deal place….they would make a fortune!

    2. If you live by Ludlow Street and haven’t been to that ice cream place…go…now….I don’t care if it 10 degrees out 🙂 the ice cream was delish! Go after the gym for a nice treat. They have so many flavors!

    3.Kudos to you for weight training! I don’t know why girls are so scared of it! I love seeing definition. Wayyy better then skin and bones!

    4.Watching old school anne hathaway makes me too happy. Try Ella Enchanted next time. It’s corney but super cute!

    Keep up the good work girl! Hope training at the new job is going great!

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