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I’m the Biggest Loser

….for watching the biggest loser while stuffing my face with pasta and chocolate tonight 🙂

This afternoon I headed out to the gym for about an hour. I started out with a 30 minute weight training session. I did:


3 sets of this shoulder move from Peanut Butter Fingers

3 sets of bicep curls

3 sets of lateral raises

3 sets of bent over rows

3 sets of squats with an upright row (with kettlebell)

3 sets of reverse lunges

3 sets of leg presses


I followed up that 30 minute routine with 10 minutes walking at a 10% incline at 3.5 and 5 minutes jogging, followed by 10 minutes jumping rope

It was nice to get in a solid workout on my day off today!

Tonight I threw together a quick meal of whole wheat rotini, marinara sauce, and ricotta cheese.

I paired it with a simple crisp salad (although it was pretty boring)

VERY shortly after dinner I indulged in this DELICIOUS candy (times two!). (Please tell me you guys have tried Bacio candies? Hazelnutty deliciousness. Need I say more??

Now I’m off to finish watching the biggest loser premiere. I love this show (even though I do have some gripes about it), and I can’t wait to pick a favorite contestant.

Do any of you watch the Biggest Loser? What about the new MTV show “I Used To Be Fat”? They’re my guilty pleasures. 🙂


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