Back to the Long Run

Friday, I finally got back into the groove after moving and completed my week of training (for the triathlon on august 29th, and the half marathon on October 10th) with a long run. *Gasp*… I haven’t run more than 4 or 5 miles in weeks!

I woke up early, high-tailed it to central park and started off.

Let me tell you… in the first few steps, I felt that there was no way I could complete the planned 8 miles. I think it was because I’m still not used to running hills. I can usually maintain my pace for the most part, but I get so tired!


After I made it to the reservoir, I felt a little better. At mile 4 I ate a Gu. It was my first time trying it.. and I didn’t love it. The texture was vile, but it did help my energy a little bit.

I ran the 8 miles in : 1:90:34 (69.5 minutes)
My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 8:34
Mile 2: 8:37
Mile 3: 8:53
Mile 4: 8:42
Mile 5: 8:45
Mile 6: 8:49
Mile 7: 8:43
Mile 8: 8:30
average mile: 8:42

& can I count the 5 blocks that I ran after the downtown bus to my total? 😉

Today I woke up with the worst eye pain. I could hardly open them! I thought it would subside so I went for a run. Unfortunately… I only ran 2 miles because I was feeling a bit of shin pain. I’m thinking about going to the running store to get compression sleeves today. I think it may be necessary. I went home, iced the shins, and elevated them while I took a nap.

For lunch, I had a big bowl of simple salad with a piece of garlic naan bread on the side.

Check back later- because I’m going to review the Think Thin bar that I tried yesterday.


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