My name is Jenny.  I live in New York City, (in new york, get it? I’m so creative).  I recently graduated New York University and am now transitioning into my first post-college job.


I’ve been a vegetarian for about 4 years, I would never go back! That being said, I’m one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever met (yes i’ve met myself).  I actively try to try new things with an open mind, so hopefully soon I’ll be off the pasta-a-day habit.  I’m hoping this blog encourages me to branch out and stay balanced, since reading other blogs has already helped me over the past year.

I consider myself a full-time couch potato and part-time runner.  There’s nothing better than watching a little Biggest Loser while eating a bowl of ice cream, let’s be honest.  However, I do love a good competition, and did a few road races and a triathlon in 2010.  I have big plans for running and general fitness in 2011, so you can watch that, and my new six pack, unfold here.


Those fantastic GREEN legs are zensah sleeves, pretty please don’t make fun of me like every car I pass in Manhattan. 🙂 haha


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