Stinky Salad

Halfway through my pasta cooking for lunch, I popped open a new bag of salad (yes i buy bags) ready for a nice big side salad… until the smell hit me. It was the telltale smell of bad lettuce. Ooof.

I quickly checked the expiration date, thinking, “hey i just bought this on monday!”. Well Jenny- you’re a little slow- because you bought a bag on monday 1/3, but the bag expired on 12/31. Good job.

I finished prepping my noodle bowl, sliced some carrots and cucumbers :(, and made do.

I love topping my pasta with creamy WHOLE MILK ricotta cheese. Add some eggplant in there and I’m in heaven!

My sliced veggies were just not as appealing as the salad I was craving. Lesson learned on checking expiration dates every time!

Now I’m off to the gym for a cardio day. I was planning on running outside today, but the snowstorm is not exactly accommodating my plans! How rude.


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