Homemade Pizza

After my successful afternoon of shopping for new work clothes, I had quick snack and headed to the gym to beat the evening rush. I swear the only reason I make it there at all is because it is literally one block away from my apartment.

I ran four miles on the treadmill, slowly getting faster each 1/4 mile until the halfway mark then slowly getting slower each 1/4 mile. Changing the speed often keeps me interested on the dreadmill 😉

I finished the 4 miles in about 34 minutes, walked a few minutes and then did a 10 minute cool down on the spin bike.

After a quick shower I headed over to Bianca’s apartment for dinner and to see Black Swan at the theatre!

For the pizza we used Trader Joe’s garlic and herb dough. I wasn’t a fan of homemade pizza until I had this dough- it’s delicious.

Added some sauce

topped it off with some freshed sliced mozzarella and into the oven it went

I ate one third of the pie, a little better than my normal HALF!

We paired it with a big side salad. That makes the meal healthy now right??

Now we’re sitting on the couch with big ol’ glasses of vino, bag of gummy bears and bad tv. Perfect night in.

And yes- that is an ice cube in my wine, because I’m a classy lady.


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