I’m the Biggest Loser

….for watching the biggest loser while stuffing my face with pasta and chocolate tonight 🙂

This afternoon I headed out to the gym for about an hour. I started out with a 30 minute weight training session. I did:


3 sets of this shoulder move from Peanut Butter Fingers

3 sets of bicep curls

3 sets of lateral raises

3 sets of bent over rows

3 sets of squats with an upright row (with kettlebell)

3 sets of reverse lunges

3 sets of leg presses


I followed up that 30 minute routine with 10 minutes walking at a 10% incline at 3.5 and 5 minutes jogging, followed by 10 minutes jumping rope

It was nice to get in a solid workout on my day off today!

Tonight I threw together a quick meal of whole wheat rotini, marinara sauce, and ricotta cheese.

I paired it with a simple crisp salad (although it was pretty boring)

VERY shortly after dinner I indulged in this DELICIOUS candy (times two!). (Please tell me you guys have tried Bacio candies? Hazelnutty deliciousness. Need I say more??

Now I’m off to finish watching the biggest loser premiere. I love this show (even though I do have some gripes about it), and I can’t wait to pick a favorite contestant.

Do any of you watch the Biggest Loser? What about the new MTV show “I Used To Be Fat”? They’re my guilty pleasures. 🙂


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Fresh Start, Fresh Lunch

This morning I got up bright and early (does 9:15 count as early??? haha) and headed to Whole Foods to do my weekly grocery shopping. I had made a list ahead of time with the goal of trying some new foods. That goal really cost me… an extra $25 dollars than I normally spend on groceries each week. Whoops!

Last week I went to The Meatball Shop for dinner with my friend Bianca, and was so impressed with their vegetarian meatballs that I decided to put my new items to use for lunch and make my own faux-meatball hero. I used some whole wheat panini bread from the bakery department, locally made mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce and Nate’s Meatless Meatballs. It was so delicious, and definitely something I’ll be making for lunches or dinners in the future.

I also had a handful of carrots on the side.

I have to think of some different ways to use these meatless meatballs, because they were really delicious and filling!

Now I’m off to check some things of my long to-do list.

Anyone have some recipes or ideas for using my faux-meatballs??

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Back to the Long Run

Friday, I finally got back into the groove after moving and completed my week of training (for the triathlon on august 29th, and the half marathon on October 10th) with a long run. *Gasp*… I haven’t run more than 4 or 5 miles in weeks!

I woke up early, high-tailed it to central park and started off.

Let me tell you… in the first few steps, I felt that there was no way I could complete the planned 8 miles. I think it was because I’m still not used to running hills. I can usually maintain my pace for the most part, but I get so tired!

Source: CentralPark.com

After I made it to the reservoir, I felt a little better. At mile 4 I ate a Gu. It was my first time trying it.. and I didn’t love it. The texture was vile, but it did help my energy a little bit.

I ran the 8 miles in : 1:90:34 (69.5 minutes)
My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 8:34
Mile 2: 8:37
Mile 3: 8:53
Mile 4: 8:42
Mile 5: 8:45
Mile 6: 8:49
Mile 7: 8:43
Mile 8: 8:30
average mile: 8:42

& can I count the 5 blocks that I ran after the downtown bus to my total? 😉

Today I woke up with the worst eye pain. I could hardly open them! I thought it would subside so I went for a run. Unfortunately… I only ran 2 miles because I was feeling a bit of shin pain. I’m thinking about going to the running store to get compression sleeves today. I think it may be necessary. I went home, iced the shins, and elevated them while I took a nap.

For lunch, I had a big bowl of simple salad with a piece of garlic naan bread on the side.

Check back later- because I’m going to review the Think Thin bar that I tried yesterday.

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NYC blogger meet up

Last night after work I came home to an email from Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point about the details for the blogger meetup that evening. I was excited to meet Caitlin and the other girls, so I headed uptown to Le Pain Quotidien.
At first, there were only about 5 girls at the restaurant, until we realized around 15 ladies were at the restaurant’s other location! Communication meltdown!
It was nice to meet Caitlin in a smaller group and hang out, because when we arrived to meet the bigger group it was overwhelming! haha. Some of us got food, and we all just chatted and wished Caitlin luck with her Today Show appearance.

I thought it would be weird meeting up with people you don’t really know, but everyone was so friendly. It was a fun night!
I really hope to meet some of these girls again! It would be nice to have a little blogger/healthy living/fitness community here in NYC. I need more running buddies! haha


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No More Trouble Zones

I got up today a little later than expected and had a bowl of cheerios and strawberries. It may be one of my FAVORITE breakfasts… So fresh and delicious.

I didn’t feel like running, so I decided to do a workout video on demand instead. I decided to do Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones. Unfortunately, It was too good to be true, since it was only about half the video, and it had an annoying New Balance pop-up add during a lot of the video.

Otherwise, I liked the video, It reminded me of 30 day shred, but actually less difficult. Maybe they took out all the hard stuff for the on-demand version 😉

I did do some ab work during it, and I realized how WEAK I am in that area. I feel like I have a strong enough core, and its not totally soft… (but definitely not as toned as i’d like). I think adding 2 days per week of a short ab routine would only help my fitness goals.

Looking all sweaty and happy to be done. It was only about 20 minutes, so I did some jumping jacks and a lot of walking after, but it felt good to do something.

Before work, I made some vegetarian tacos for lunch. I used my favorite- boca meatless crumbles. I had a big handful of baby carrots on the side to get in some more veggies for the day.
I ended up bringing a PB&J on whole wheat bread with a banana to work. Here until 11:15, then I have to clean my apartment up a little before the management company shows it to prospective tenants tomorrow while I’m at work. Gotta hide my valuables! 😉


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How to Become a Morning Person

My roommate will tell you that there were many days when I was stumbling out of my bedroom around noon during this last year. I would have never thought I could become a morning person. Unless you call 11am the morning…?
I had been using all the excuses in the book to skip workouts in the Spring (homework…drinks with friends….the bachelor? ;-))
I finally realized that I feel so much better when I get my workouts done early. I had to find some ways to help myself become a “morning person” (i don’t workout every morning… more like 4-5 days a week)

1. Go to bed earlier This is definitely the most helpful for me. I realized that the reason I couldn’t get up early wasn’t because I wasn’t a “natural” morning person, but that I wasn’t getting enough hours of sleep. I generally try to go to bed by 11pm if I’m getting up at 6:15 instead of 7:45.
2. Make a Plan If I have a specific training goal set up for the next morning, I’m less likely to skip it. If I just had a goal of working out, I’d be more likely to put it off. Choose a mileage goal/exercise goal and stick to it!
3. JUMP out of bed If I let myself lay there, I will talk myself out of getting up. It’s too cold, too hot…I’ll dig for any excuse. If I just jump out of bed, I’m more energized to go workout.
4. Sometimes you have to sleep in There are some days when I just can’t do it. I have a long long day of work and things to do after work, or I stayed up all night watching reruns of the Golden girls…. Sometimes I do have to give in and take a day off. As long as it’s not a habit!
Hope these helped anyone trying to become a morning exerciser. I find running to be the easiest morning workout because i don’t need to take time going to the gym. My beauty rest is precious 😉

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Rainy Day Run

Woke up at 6:30 to run this morning. Stepped out into a rainstorm. luckily I was prepared.
Exhibit A:

Plastic bag for ipod case. Essential for rainy runs 😉
Exhibit B:

Soaking wet hair and clothing. Solution? Grab hair and ring out. Repeat every 1/4 mile. Or just give up and wait until you get home like I did.
I’m easing back into running after having the shin pain. Today’s goal was to run 4 miles at an easy pace. I’m really bad at making myself go at a slower pace. I don’t feel like I’m doing enough if I go slower. I know I have to get over that.
I ran 4 miles in 34:27 for an average pace of 8:36
I came home and decided to make some fluffy pancakes.


I topped the three mini pancakes with earth balance, pure maple syrup and a mountain of blueberries!


Now I’m doing some cleaning, paying some bills, doing errands and relaxing until I have to work at the restaurant at 5pm.

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