NYC blogger meet up

Last night after work I came home to an email from Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point about the details for the blogger meetup that evening. I was excited to meet Caitlin and the other girls, so I headed uptown to Le Pain Quotidien.
At first, there were only about 5 girls at the restaurant, until we realized around 15 ladies were at the restaurant’s other location! Communication meltdown!
It was nice to meet Caitlin in a smaller group and hang out, because when we arrived to meet the bigger group it was overwhelming! haha. Some of us got food, and we all just chatted and wished Caitlin luck with her Today Show appearance.

I thought it would be weird meeting up with people you don’t really know, but everyone was so friendly. It was a fun night!
I really hope to meet some of these girls again! It would be nice to have a little blogger/healthy living/fitness community here in NYC. I need more running buddies! haha



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2 responses to “NYC blogger meet up

  1. Emily Josephine

    Hi Jenny, I actually came across your blog on Healthy Tipping point! I’m moving to NYC soon. Looks like your girls have a good blogging community there! Do you all meet up often?

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