Last night I went out for drinks and dinner with a certain someone in Soho. I ended up getting back to my apartment at 2:30, and went straight to bed.
I was pretty sad to miss the Bachelorette, but I’ll watch it tonight or tomorrow. 😉
I tried to wake up at 6:15 to get in a speed workout, but I was exhausted. I decided that the extra 1.5 hours of sleep was more important since I got home so late.
I got up at 8 o’clock-ish and had some cold cereal to combat the high temps today.

I got to the internship at 9:30 and since I didn’t pack a lunch, I stopped at Metro Cafe for some food around 1 o’clock.
I got a make your own pasta meal, with whole wheat penne, fresh basil pesto sauce and grilled eggplant.

I’m awkwardly trying to hide from coworkers that I’m photgraphing my food at my desk haha. I ended up eating less than 1/3 of the meal, since it was a huge serving. I’ll save some for later when I have to go straight to work at the restaurant from 6-11pm.
Tomorrow I’ll definitely be getting in a good morning run, and hopefully I’ll have time to hit the gym to swim some laps too!


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