Blast From the Past

My alarm went off at 6:30am today. I fought with myself for THRITY minutes about getting up to run. Finally, I made it out the door at 7:05, with only about 25 minutes to run.
From the first step I knew it was going to be bad. My legs felt like bricks, I was tight in the chest and it was SO hot out. About 1/4 mile in I got a cramp in my left quad. I decided to just do some sprint/walk intervals and head home.
I ended up doing 1.5 miles in about 14 minutes. It was just a bad workout. I’m expecting a big improvement tomorrow 😉

I got home, showered, did my newly short hair and made one of my favorite childhood lunches…for breakfast. PB&J with fruit.

Mine was made with whole wheat toast, crunchy PB, raspberry jam and I had some fresh raspberries on the side. Delicious!

Been a busy bee at work today and had no time to post!


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