Classic Smoothie

Today I got up before work and headed out on a 5 mile run at about 7 o’clock.
I ran the 5 miles in 42:46. Here’s the lap breakdown according to the Garmin:

mile 1: 8:41
mile 2:8:21
mile 3: 8:47
mile 4:8:35
mile 5: 8:22
time: 42:46 (8:33 pace)
I was happy with this time, and I felt like I could have kept the pace and gone farther. I didn’t have a mental breakdown like I did on the 6 miler last week 😉 I’m thinking I’ll tackle 7 miles this weekend.
One thing I will change- bring water!! I was PARCHED.
Came home and stretched, took a cold shower, read some blogs and made a nice cold protein packed smoothie.

It had one large banana, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 Tbsp PB, and 1/3 cup vanilla soy milk. It was small, but THICK.

Now I’m just here at work, dreaming of the weekend already 😉


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One response to “Classic Smoothie

  1. Ellen

    Awesome five miles! And I’m not a huge smoothie person, but that one looks GOOD.

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