Give a Free Mamogram

Click HERE to give a woman a mammogram. It’s FREE. all you have to do is click the pink button on the site.
Early Saturday morning, before my family arrived in NYC, I made an apple pie. It’s a simple recipe from the Joy of Cooking. My mom makes this pie, and it’s the best I’ve ever had. Only one piece left!

Unfortunately, my 21st birthday didn’t end so well since I accidentally left my wallet in the cab on the way home! I went to Nordstrom Rack today after work, and got two new wallets to replace it haha. I went a little wild.
The prices there are really discounted. I got this Dooney & Bourke wallet for daytime use, since it’s nice and big.

I also got this smaller Kate Spade wallet, for going out (it fits in my smaller nighttime purses) and it has a keychain, so I can ATTACH it to my bag and never lose a wallet again!

Ironically enough, I lost my license, so even though I’m 21, I can’t go out or buy alcohol! haha. Another ironic moment… I called and canceled all my credit cards (and my parent’s card that was in there)….and right after.. I get an email from Linked In (professional social networking site). Someone had found my wallet in the cab and found my profile on the site. HOW NICE! I think it’s reassuring to know that there are good people out there. Hopefully I’ll meet him this week and thank him a LOT.


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