Cycling in NYC

So my last cycling workout was on Thursday (my birthday). I have been cycling on the bike path that runs north/south along the edge of the island. It takes me 2 miles through Manhattan to get to the bike path along the West Side Highway.

The problem is that even when I do finally get through the traffic to the path, I can only reach my racing speed every few minutes. There are people everywhere. People commuting on bikes, cars turning onto the piers, and people running, walking, or wandering in front of my bike as I brake hard and skid along the road…. 😉


It’s times like these that living in the suburbs might help with my triathlon training!
If anyone has any tips of where I might have better luck cycling in the NYC metro area.. that would be GREAT . I’m thinking of either getting up super EARLY, or trying Central or Prospect Park.


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