Friday: Try it/Buy it

Today I did my weekly shopping at Whole Foods. I’ve been trying to buy/try something new every week to make myself branch out. I’d been seeing the Cliff Z bars on a lot of blogs, so when I saw them in the store for a decent price I decided to give them a try instead of my usual Odawalla bars.

I brought one with me today to work at the restaurant. I really liked it! i got the brownie flavor because I’m a chocolate addict, but I’d like to try the other flavors as well.
They have 130 calories, 4 grams fiber and 3 grams protein. It’s not a good meal replacement, but I paired it with a few other things so it was okay. Wish it had more protein though!
Last night at dinner my friend Alex brought me a birthday present. We stopped by Sabon in Soho in the winter and fell in love with the body scrub. She remembered how much I liked it and got me a jar for my birthday!

It’s amazing. So moisturizing, my skin feels so soft. Thanks Alex!
Now I’m here working at the restaurant until 11 or so. Can’t wait for my parents and brother to come visit NYC for my birthday tomorrow!


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