Birthday Festivities

So my birthday yesterday was a relaxing and fun day! I ended up going out for a bike ride down the bike path on the West side of Manhattan. I really don’t love cycling there… there are too many runners/dodging other bikes …etc. Anyone in NYC have any better locations?
I ended up biking 13 miles in about 55 minutes. The problem with that is that 4 miles were through the city, so I could only reach a slow speed and I had to keep stopping. When there wasn’t KILLER wind (and 80% of the time there was) I was hitting about 18 mph. I averaged 16.4 mph along the path with all the wind slowing me down.
I’m hoping to reach closer to 20mph for the cycling portion of the triathlon in August. I got home and got ready to go out to dinner at B Bar with some friends for my 21st birthday!
Bianca brought me some amazing homemade vegan peanut butter cups! That’s true love, since she hates peanut butter! They are delicioussss. Thanks Bianca!

I got a veggie burger with a salad and fries (and some beers!) for dinner, but forgot to take photos. I was too distracted by excitement of my first legal beer. 🙂
My very thoughtful friend Alex spoke to the waitress and had them bring over chocolate cake with a candle for dessert. I was surprised and SO excited.

I made a wish and dug in. I’m pretty sure I hogged it and ate about 75% of it 😉 Thanks Alex!!

I hadn’t planned on going out to a bar, but I my best friend from home (who now is in Florida) requested I take a Soco and Lime shot for her. I didn’t object! We then continued on to Elsa, a nice bar I’ve been wanting to go to for 10 months! I got a dark and stormy. It was delicious!

Sorry for the poor photo quality.. I was in a dark bar and…had a few drinks so it’s not my best photography skills haha.
All in all, it was a great birthday. I got phone calls from my family, lots of birthday text messages, and got to spend time with some great friends. Here’s to another good year.


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