Mysterious Purple Goo

Today has been really…weird. I was walking out the door this morning to go to work… and halfway down the block i realized that i had purple stuff all over my dress pants! I ran back to the apartment and threw on a black pencil skirt. i got to the same place on the block and realized… it was all over my legs and on the skirt!
I finally gave up and told work I would come in for the afternoon shift because I had no clean work clothes and I was just annoyed! Luckily this job is flexible.
I threw my clothes in the wash and went to the gym.
I ran a mile in 8:30 and swam ~350 meters in 20 minutes. i also walked 1.25 miles each way to the gym.
I’m getting used to swimming, but I definitely need to start going once a week so I can improve.
For breakfast I had a chocolate/banana/pb smoothie. It was delicious and filling as always.

I made some quick veggie tacos and SCARFED them down before rushing off to work.
I headed off to work at 12:30 and worked until 4:30. While i was there, I had an Odawalla bar. I LOVE these things… they taste like brownies haha.

Now i’m at my other job at the restaurant (It’s hard to keep track… I have THREE jobs, haha). Here until 11, and then only a mere hour until I turn TWENTY ONE!!
I’m going out tomorrow night to dinner to celebrate with friends, my family is coming Saturday for the day to celebrate, and then I’m going out to the bars finally on Saturday night.
What did YOU do to celebrate your last birthday??


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  1. randomly came across your blog and I enjoy it alot!! I am jealous that you are in NY…!!!

    I didn’t do much to celebrate my birthday…unfortunately after I turned 21 the birthdays became less and less important lol.

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