Sleeping In

I planned on getting up at 10 am to go for a long run, but I guess those 3 drinks really hit me hard last night 😉 haha.

I got a late start today: 11:30 am! Whoa! I had some raspberries and decided not to run. I wanted to actually have a social life and see friends before I have to work tonight at 5pm.

I made some whole wheat pasta with soy cheese for lunch and ate it before I remembered to snap a photo! I had a bowl of soy ice cream.

Now I’m running out to my friend Mike’s apartment to watch the world cup game and have some bud light from the KEG he bought! hahah.
Are you all watching the world cup games? I just do it to be social! haha



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2 responses to “Sleeping In

  1. Hello from another NYC healthy blogger 🙂 I found your blog in Fannetastic Food’s comments. It actually surprises me there aren’t that many healthy NYC blogs…

  2. I just came across you’re blog! It’s good to sleep in some days! those raspberries look good and of course so does that ice cream! I actually didn’t watch the game haha. Have a good sunday 🙂

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