Friday: buy it/try it day!

I’ve been consciously trying to buy something new each time I go grocery shopping on Fridays. This week I bought two new things!
Glenny’s Soy Crips in BBQ flavor ( I LOVE bbq chips haha so this is a healthier version) and a hazelnut chocolate spread (fancy nutella haha)


The soy crisps are delicious. I’ve had other flavors, but this is by far my favorite. The hazelnut spread is pretty similar to Nutella, but it is a little more hazelnutty. 😉 I think I invented a new word! Also, it’s fair trade, which earns points in my book!
I also want to try some new kinds of nut butters, but my food bill was 15 dollars higher today already! Whew too much food!
I had my last day of training at the restaurant today. I have my first solo shift tomorrow at 5pm. Wish me luck!


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One response to “Friday: buy it/try it day!

  1. Ellen

    Ohh that’s a good idea, trying new foods at the grocery every week. I need to do that bc I pick up the SAME STUFF every week and I get soo bored with it. It’s just pure laziness. Good luck with the J-O-B!

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