Whole Foods Trip

Today I went to Whole Foods to refill my glaringly empty cabinets. I got most of the usual stuff, with a few new things I wanted to try.
Whole Foods is definitely pricey, but I spend the same amount there as I did when I shopped at the local supermarket. I live in New York City, so all groceries are expensive. By sticking to the 365 store brand, I am able to keep my bill from being too high, while still getting great quality foods.
Let’s be honest though, 9 dollars for that amount of cherries is insane… luckily i had a coupon for 5 dollars off!

I got:
roasted edamame (new item)
Earth balance spread
PB& Co. Dark chocolate peanut butter (wanted to try it!) 🙂
365 Mild salsa
garlic naan
365 tortillas
365 yellow corn chips
fruit leather
odawalla bars
fresh corn on the cob
red pepper
string beans
whole wheat pasta
non-dairy ice cream (new item)

I love to grocery shop, the only problem is that I get home and want to try everything I got! haha.

I want to start trying some new items each week- do you recommend any new foods for me to try next week?


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  1. Just stopping by to say hello.
    I like this post because that’s where I shop. 365 is what i like to buy too. 😀

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