Ready for the Weekend!

My boss just let me know I can leave TWO hours early today, just because it’s Friday :). That’s what I call a good way to kick of the weekend!

I forgot to set my alarm last night, so I was so happy that I woke up by myself at 7:30. Yes, I did miss my morning run, but at least I didn’t sleep through work!

I shovelled down some Heritage Multi Grain Bites and didn’t even have to time to pack anything for lunch. Darn!

My 21st birthday is in less than TWO WEEEKS! I’ve kind of been stressed about what to do to celebrate. I don’t know what restaurant, which bars, what DAY of the week/weekend!

It shouldn’t be this hard. haha 🙂 I hope this birthday is better than last. Last year I may have gotten a little too enthusiastic at the fact that the restaurant was BYOB. Needless to say, the night didn’t end so well! haha

Here I am last year with my friend Fred before things got too crazy.

How do you like to celebrate your birthday? Big night out? Lots of friends? Intimate dinner?

Any help/ideas are appreciated!


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