Could I Be a Morning Person?

I vowed to wake up at 6:30 today and run in the morning before work. I wasn’t to confident that I wouldn’t hit snooze, but I psyched myself up enough that I actually woke up at 6:15 before my alarm went off.
I rolled out of bed and ran 3.5 miles along the river in 27:25. (About a 7:50 pace)
It felt good to get it out of the way! I may actually try to BECOME a morning person!
I got home and made a protein packed smoothie

It was made with:

1/2 cup vanilla soy milk
1 banana
1 Tbsp PB
1/2 scoop chocolate soy protein powder from GNC
Water to thin it out

It’s delicious! I don’t use protein powder often, maybe once a week. I just really love in it my PB/banana smoothies.

I’m looking for new smoothie combinations (I often do mixed berries and spinach)..  What’s your favorite smoothie recipe??
Now I’m off to work!



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2 responses to “Could I Be a Morning Person?

  1. spinach,pineapple,mango,peaches, non-dairy milk and agave syrup….YUMMY!!!

  2. Hey! Just found your blog!
    I love strawberr-banana smoothies. I use vanilla soy milk, strawberry protein powder, frozen banana, & frozen strawberries. I have a few different ones that I’ve features on my site, if you want to check ’em out! 🙂

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