Day Trip to Long Beach, LI

This morning Bianca, Lauren, Kaitlyn and I caught an early train from Penn Station to the beach on Long Island. It was a great day for the beach, and the water felt great even though it was freezing

Bianca and I packed lunches, nut butter and jelly sandwiches! Bianca’s had Trader Joe’s almond butter and strawberry jam:

Mine was a classic crunchy PB and raspberry jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread:

I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂 I look very pale in this photo… and since I slathered on SPF 70, I didn’t get any color on my face…. pasty as usual!

We spent much of the morning making fun of Lauren for renting a chair for $10 instead of just buying one at the store yesterday. I was secretly a little jealous though.

I snacked on some naan bread, carrots and an odawalla bar throughout the day. Bianca brought a Pure bar, in a chocolate flavor which was delicious… as Lauren models it for us

All in all, it was a fun way to spend the day off from work! Now I have a lot of studying and cleaning to do before tomorrow morning! I’m not sure I’ll make it out for exercise, especially since it just started raining 😦

What did you all do for Memorial Day?



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2 responses to “Day Trip to Long Beach, LI

  1. I am very jealous of your beach excursion! A pb&j sandwich is my ideal summer/beach lunch – it’s too hot for anything more complicated!

  2. Ellen

    I went to Southampton–it was AMAAAZING! (Never been before) We brought PB & J sandwiches to the beach too. It’s an easy, satisfying snack 🙂

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