Vegan comfort food

Ran: 2.8 miles in 21:29 ( around a 7:40 pace)
After going to the park with my friends, I went to Victoria’s Secret downtown, because I really needed a new bathing suit. All the tops on my old suits are too small (my chest randomly grew this year! woo hoo). I ended up getting two new bikinis, one white and one black.

Good timing too, because Bianca, Lauren and I are going on a little day trip to Long Beach on Long Island tomorrow morning. I haven’t been to the beach since I was in Sardegna over a year ago!

I had a big snack around 7 and dragged my sorry butt out for a run at 7:45.

I came home and made some VEGAN comfort food! Whole wheat mac and “cheese” and string beans 🙂

I used to hate green beans until about 2 years ago!

Now I’m heading to bed soon, since I have to get up by 7:00 am to make it on the 8:45 train to Long Beach!


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